Complex PTSD:

Mind, Body and Spirit.

How do we break free from the jail we call home?

Help is here.

Therapies and tips that may help in times of crisis. Signposting to other useful resources and support for Complex PTSD.

You are normal.

Latest research and theories on Complex PTSD explained in an easy to understand manner using biology, psychology and sociology to underpin knowledge.

You are not alone.

Real life experiences of living with Complex PTSD including my own insights and difficulties.

“Give us courage to change what must be altered,

Serenity to accept what cannot be helped,

and the insight to know the one from the other.”

Reinhold Niebuhr (1932)

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It continues…

TW: anxiety, stress, ptsd The issue is resolved with a favourable outcome. And yet I am still reeling from the effects of days of heightened anxiety and stress. My biggest trigger is feeling an injustice has occurred and being able to do nothing about it. No control. Like I’m screaming into the wind. That’s whatContinue reading “It continues…”


It’s 02:18 and I am tired. My eyes are sore, dry and drooping. My body is on a go slow. Normally I would head to my bed before I got to this level of sleepiness, put my rain sounds on and some soft sleep music and drift off to the land of nod. Tonight however,Continue reading “Triggered.”

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